For Co-Investment Partners

In all of its investment activities, RCP Advisors’ underwriting culture is based on its principals’ extensive experience in analyzing underlying buyout transactions.   

RCP is seeking co-investment opportunities from middle market sponsors generally in amounts between
$5 million and $15 million. RCP’s goal is to assemble a diverse and high quality portfolio of co-investments which will provide excellent financial returns to its investors. RCP believes that it has the experience and skills to achieve these goals.

RCP also understands the intricacies and subtleties of the buyout deal process and knows that a co-investor’s process must fit harmoniously with the lead sponsor’s process. RCP’s investment process is designed to be quick, smart, and reliable.  We realize that the best co-investment opportunities are eagerly sought after by potential investors. Therefore, we strive to be the co-investor of choice by making good decisions for our investors while being a good partner to the lead sponsor who made the opportunity possible.

If you are a general partner or fund sponsor and would like additional information about RCP’s co-investment activities, please contact David McCoy, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, at